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Meeting with Uppsala University students

On November 25, 2015  minister-counsellor of the Russian Embassy in Sweden Vladimir Salov and some other Russian diplomats met Uppsala University students. The discussion focused on key international issues.

Embassy expresses its appreciation to all for sincere condolences

The Russian Embassy in Sweden would like to express its appreciation to Swedish authorities, representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Sweden, Russian compatriots and all empathic residents of Sweden for their sincere condolences and words of support in the days of mourning for those died in the crash of the Russian airliner in Egypt.
Condolences have been sent by King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Speaker of the Swedish Parliament Urban Ahlin, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, First Deputy Foreign Minister Annika Söder.

Foto: First Deputy Foreign Minister Annika Söder signs the book of condolence at the Embassy

N.B.! A book of condolence has been opened at the Embassy

A book of condolence to honor the memory of those died in the Russian airliner Airbus A321 crash in Egypt will be open at the Residence of the Embassy, Gjörwellsgatan 31 on 2 November at 12:00-17:00 hrs and on 3 November at 10.00-12.00 hrs and 14.00-17.00 hrs. All 224 passengers, including crew members, were confirmed dead. Anyone can write a message of condolence in the book.

Embassy reception for cosmonauts

On September  23, 2015  Russian Embassy to Sweden hosted a reception for Russian participants of  XXVIII  Planetary Congress of Association of Space Explorers.  The reception was also attended by famous Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian and Polish cosmonauts

Comment by the Information and Press Department of the Russian MFA on the situation around Russia’s Trade Representation office in Sweden




Comment by the Information and Press Department of the Russian MFA on the Swedish investigation of a neo-Nazi suspected of war crimes in eastern Ukraine


Comment by the Information and Press Department on the declaration of a Swedish diplomat persona non grata in the Russian Federation

August 4, 2015

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirms that an employee of the Swedish Embassy in Moscow has recently been named persona non grata. This move came as a reaction to unfriendly treatment of a Russian diplomat in Stockholm by the Swedish authorities.
We are surprised that the Swedish party, having taken this unfriendly step, is now talking about a negative impact of the incident on Russian-Swedish relations. The responsibility for the consequences of this provocation lies with Stockholm.

The Foreign Ministry’s statement on the discussion of further steps related to the continuing investigation into the MH17 disaster at the UN Security Council


Text of interview (translation from Russian) by Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations Ambassador Vitaly Churkin to “TASS” and “RIA-Novosti” news agencies on the idea to create an International Tribunal for the downing of Malaysian Boeing (July 10, 2015)


On May 5, 2015 the Ambassador of Russia to Sweden Victor Tatarintsev gave an interview to the Open Channel (Stockholm) on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war.

Link to the video...




Project "We want to live in peace"

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Foundation for drawing up projections of childhood "Social forecasting" the grant of the Russian Union of Youth, resulting in the competition for allocation of grants to non-profit non-governmental organizations, held in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation №243-rp of 25.07.2014 "On provision in 2014, state support of non-profit non-governmental organizations involved in the development of civil society institutions and implementing social projects."
Project implementation period: January - September 2015.
The project involves building a community of children and young people from Russia, CIS, Baltic States, the EU, the United States with the aim of spreading the ideas of human rights in the world and prevent the spread of the ideas of radical nationalism, fascism and racial discrimination and extremism.
- to attract the attention of children and young people to the problem of dissemination of ideas of radical nationalism, intolerance, extremism and fascism and their catastrophic consequences for the world, identifying leaders and their involvement in the process of confrontation and combat these phenomena.
- creation of a unified communication space for children and young people uniting their efforts and joint action aimed at countering nationalism, the development of democracy and humanism.
- educating children and young people's methods of struggle and opposition to radical nationalism, intolerance, extremism and fascism.
- Preparation of methodological, educational and information materials and holding specialized educational activities with the participation of youth leaders from Russia, CIS, Baltic States, the EU, the United States.
- To cooperate Children and youth leaders from Russia, CIS, Baltic States, the EU, the United States with major organizations and institutions carrying out their activities in the name of peace and security ( PACE, OSCE, UN, etc.)
- Implementation of children's and youth projects aimed at countering the spread of the ideas of radical nationalism, fascism and intolerance in the world and promote the principles of humanism, democracy and tolerance.
As part of the project is expected to:
- create an interactive online resource for the international children's contest works "We want to live in peace," the overall coordination for children and youth leaders from different countries, NGOs as a social network - a platform for discussion, education and promoting ideas antinatsizma in children and youth;
- to develop a package of materials for anti-Nazi organizations working with children and young people and spread them among the children and youth, educational institutions of various types over the Internet and the media;
- to disseminate information about the project among the target audience, to attract an interactive online resource users from among the target audience (children 14-16 years)
- to hold an international children's and youth online contest works (writings, drawings, videos) "We want to live in peace," to determine the winners based on an open vote Internet
- publish postcards depicting works of the winners of the contest for the further dissemination of the world through Postcrossing at the event for members of child-youth community "We want to live in the world"
- to spend at one of the All-Russian children's centers or international educational meetings for the winners Competition works, their mentors their educational institutions for training to work with children and young people, exchange experiences, develop strategic plans of joint actions aimed at attracting children and young people to the anti-Nazi democratic humanist enlightenment movement and integration on this basis youth organizations, popularization of anti-Nazi activities. During the meeting, conduct a video conference with active community members from abroad, and to establish an international network of children and youth, "We want to live in peace."


Direct line with Vladimir Putin




Veterans awarded

On April 15 the Soviet veterans residing in Sweden were awarded at the Russian Embassy jubilee medals on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war.

Comment by the Foreign Ministry on an article by the ministers of the Nordic countries in the newspaper Aftenposten

April 12, 2015

We have made note of the joint article by the defence ministers of Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden and the foreign minister of Iceland focusing on European cooperation in the area of defence and security that was published the other day in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. It goes without saying that every country has a sovereign right to address issues in this area. But recently, the Nordic countries have begun to align their defensive strategies against Russia, and this could undermine the positive and constructive regional cooperation in the North that has been building over the past few decades. In this context, of particular concern are increasing efforts of Finland and Sweden, whose official policy is military non-alignment, to ensure rapprochement with the NATO military bloc.

Instead of an open and constructive dialogue in pursuit of joint solutions to strengthening security in Northern Europe and the entire continent, including a resolution to the domestic conflict in Ukraine, they are imposing openly confrontational approaches on the public opinion of Northern European countries.


The editorial staff of Peacekeeper has prepared a petition to the participants of the European Summit that will be held in Brussels 19-20 March

With deep concern and anxiety, we have been monitoring relations between the EU and Russia the positive development of which has been stopped by the crisis in Ukraine.
We stand for the peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian conflict and re-establishing the cooperation with European countries. We urge the international community to unite around common traditional values. Tolerance, mutual understanding and respect, compassion and love are needed to overcome the ordeals of the present.
You can sign the petition here -
Thank you for your participation.
Respectfully, Russian Peacekeeper Editorial Staff

Pancake week in Stockholm

On February 15 a folk festival «Pancake week» took place in Stockholm. Representatives of the Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian and Uzbek communities took part in the festival. Russian Embassy in Sweden greeted all the participants.
The festival is mainly arranged by the Union of Russian societies in Sweden.

10 February – Diplomatic Day
On February 10, 2015 Russian Ambassador to Sweden Victor Tatarintsev and other  Embassy diplomats visited the Northern cemetery in Solna to pay tribute to the memory of buried there Russian envoys Pyotr Suchtelen and Grigory Okunev and laid flowers on the graves.
Several employees of the Consular Section visited the Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm and put flowers on the grave of the last Tsarist Russia Consul General Theodore Brosset.
We also paid tribute to the memory of other famous Russian diplomats who defended Russian interests in Sweden. It was arranged a visit to a memorial working room of USSR Ambassador to Sweden Alexandra Kollontai in the building of the Embassy.

Russian Ambassador Victor Tatarintsev visits Falun

On February 6-7, 2015 Ambassador Victor Tatarintsev visited Falun. During the visit he met Falun municipal authorities, representatives of the organizing committee of  World Ski Championships (will be held in Falun from February 18 to March 1), director of Carl Larsson Museum Chia Jonsson and some Russian compatriots (society "Our culture").


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