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Veterans awarded

On April 15 the Soviet veterans residing in Sweden were awarded at the Russian Embassy jubilee medals on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war.

Comment by the Foreign Ministry on an article by the ministers of the Nordic countries in the newspaper Aftenposten

April 12, 2015

We have made note of the joint article by the defence ministers of Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden and the foreign minister of Iceland focusing on European cooperation in the area of defence and security that was published the other day in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. It goes without saying that every country has a sovereign right to address issues in this area. But recently, the Nordic countries have begun to align their defensive strategies against Russia, and this could undermine the positive and constructive regional cooperation in the North that has been building over the past few decades. In this context, of particular concern are increasing efforts of Finland and Sweden, whose official policy is military non-alignment, to ensure rapprochement with the NATO military bloc.

Instead of an open and constructive dialogue in pursuit of joint solutions to strengthening security in Northern Europe and the entire continent, including a resolution to the domestic conflict in Ukraine, they are imposing openly confrontational approaches on the public opinion of Northern European countries.


The editorial staff of Peacekeeper has prepared a petition to the participants of the European Summit that will be held in Brussels 19-20 March

With deep concern and anxiety, we have been monitoring relations between the EU and Russia the positive development of which has been stopped by the crisis in Ukraine.
We stand for the peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian conflict and re-establishing the cooperation with European countries. We urge the international community to unite around common traditional values. Tolerance, mutual understanding and respect, compassion and love are needed to overcome the ordeals of the present.
You can sign the petition here -
Thank you for your participation.
Respectfully, Russian Peacekeeper Editorial Staff

Pancake week in Stockholm

On February 15 a folk festival «Pancake week» took place in Stockholm. Representatives of the Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian and Uzbek communities took part in the festival. Russian Embassy in Sweden greeted all the participants.
The festival is mainly arranged by the Union of Russian societies in Sweden.

10 February – Diplomatic Day
On February 10, 2015 Russian Ambassador to Sweden Victor Tatarintsev and other  Embassy diplomats visited the Northern cemetery in Solna to pay tribute to the memory of buried there Russian envoys Pyotr Suchtelen and Grigory Okunev and laid flowers on the graves.
Several employees of the Consular Section visited the Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm and put flowers on the grave of the last Tsarist Russia Consul General Theodore Brosset.
We also paid tribute to the memory of other famous Russian diplomats who defended Russian interests in Sweden. It was arranged a visit to a memorial working room of USSR Ambassador to Sweden Alexandra Kollontai in the building of the Embassy.

Russian Ambassador Victor Tatarintsev visits Falun

On February 6-7, 2015 Ambassador Victor Tatarintsev visited Falun. During the visit he met Falun municipal authorities, representatives of the organizing committee of  World Ski Championships (will be held in Falun from February 18 to March 1), director of Carl Larsson Museum Chia Jonsson and some Russian compatriots (society "Our culture").

Embassy reception for Russian figure skating team

On February 1, 2015 Russian Embassy to Sweden (Stockholm) hosted a reception for the Russian figure skating team. Ambassador Victor Tatarintsev congratulated Russian figure skaters and their coaches on a successful performance at the European Figure Skating Championships (our team won nine medals).
The reception was attended by Chairman of the Swedish Figure Skating Association Katarina Henriksson.

Russian Ambassador to Sweden Victor Tatarintsev opens concerts series Russian Thursdays

On January 22, 2015 the first concert of the series "Russian Thursdays" (former title - "Russian Spring") took place in the concert hall «Musikaliska» (Stockholm). Talented Russian musicians Aleksandr Ramm (cello), Pavel Miljukov (violin) and Anna Odintsova (piano) took part in the concert.
The project is implemented by the St. Petersburg House of Music and supported by the Russian Embassy to Sweden.
The following concerts of this series will be held on February 19, March 26, April 23 and May 7.


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